On the same sunny, autumnal Sunday in October as three members of St. James’ Stalmine were preparing for Confirmation, baby Sophie became the newest addition to the Church family.

Surrounded by her parents, godparents, family and friends, Sophie was presented for baptism.

Big promises were made on her behalf to follow the Christian faith, the sign of the Cross was made on her forehead in oil, symbolising the gifts of the Holy Spirit and Holy Water was poured over her head at the baptismal font, symbolising being born into a new life.  A Christian life.

A baptismal candle was lit from the flickering flame of the Paschal candle, and presented to the family as a sign of God’s light in Sophie’s life.

Carried tenderly in the arms of Dyllis – her great-aunt and also the officiating priest, Sophie was introduced to the whole congregation.  She received the warmest of welcomes.