28th May Hambleton 11:00 Holy Communion
28th May Out Rawcliffe 09:30 Holy Communion, followed by Holy Baptism
28th May Preesall 10:30 Holy Communion
28th May Pilling 10:30 Morning Prayer
4th JuneHambleton11:00Morning Worship
4th JuneOut Rawcliffe09:30Morning Prayer
4th JunePreesall08:30Holy Communion
4th June 10:30Morning Worship
4th JuneEagland Hill5.00 p.m.Holy Communion
4th JunePilling10:30Holy Communion
11th JuneHambleton11:00Holy Communion
11th JuneOut Rawcliffe09:30Holy Communion
11th JunePreesall10:30Holy Communion
11th JunePilling10:30Morning Worship
18th JuneHambleton11:00Morning Prayer
18th JuneOut Rawcliffe09:30Morning Worship
18th JunePreesall08:30Holy Communion
18th June 10:30Morning Worship
18th JuneEagland Hill5.00 p.m.Evening Prayer
18th JunePilling10:30Holy Communion
25th JuneHambleton11:00Holy Communion
25th JuneOut Rawcliffe09:30Holy Communion
25th JunePreesall10:30Holy Communion
25th JunePilling10:30Patronal Festival
2nd JulyHambleton11:00Morning Worship
2nd JulyOut Rawcliffe09:30Morning Prayer
2nd JulyPreesall08:30Holy Communion
2nd July 10:30Holy Communion
2nd JulyEagland Hill5.00 p.m.Holy Communion
2nd JulyPilling10:30Holy Communion
9th JulyPreesall10:30Confirmation
16th JulyHambleton11:00Morning Prayer
16th JulyOut Rawcliffe09:30Morning Worship
16th JulyPreesall08:30Holy Communion
16th July 10:30Lex and Alan Presentation
16th JulyEagland Hill5.00 p.m.Evening Prayer
16th JulyPilling10:30Holy Communion
23rd JulyHambleton11:00Holy Communion
23rd JulyOut Rawcliffe09:30Holy Communion
23rd JulyPreesall10:30Celebration of the local community
23rd JulyPilling10:30Morning Prayer
30th JulyHambleton No service
30th JulyOut Rawcliffe Joint Service with the other Over Wyre parishes
30th JulyPreesall No service
30th JulyPilling No service
6th AugustHambleton11:00Morning Worship
6th AugustOut Rawcliffe09:30Morning Prayer
6th AugustPreesall08:30Holy Communion
6th August 10:30Patronal Festival
6th AugustEagland Hill09:00Holy Communion
6th AugustPilling10:30Holy Communion
13th AugustHambleton11:00Patronal Festival
13th AugustOut Rawcliffe09:30Holy Communion
13th AugustPreesall10:30Holy Communion
13th AugustPilling10:30Morning Worship
20th AugustHambleton11:00Morning Prayer
20th AugustOut Rawcliffe09:30Morning Worship
20th AugustPreesall08:30Holy Communion
20th August 10:30Morning Worship
20th AugustEagland Hill5.00 p.m.Evening Prayer
20th AugustPilling10:30Holy Communion
27th AugustHambleton11:00Holy Communion
27th AugustOut Rawcliffe09:30Holy Communion
27th AugustPreesall10:30Holy Communion
27th AugustPilling10:30Morning Prayer