A King was crowned one Saturday in May.
The world witnessed history unfold.
London’s grey and rainy skies
Did not distract from rituals old.

In a Lancashire village, the following day,
Crowds assembled to continue the story,
Blue skies and golden sun appeared
To celebrate St. James’ ‘
Crown and Glory’.

An outdoor service, full of praise and song,
Signing and actions and prayer for the world,
Reverence and respect, plus glimmers of fun,
A message of glory unfurled.

The Big Lunch which followed, made the tables groan
Under the weight of sandwiches, cakes and puddings sweet,
It was most certainly a right old royal feast,
And for the hungry guests, provided the best treat.

Next – the King’s Coronation Activity Trail,
With something for everyone – Guaranteed not to fail!

Children went hunting
For twenty royal mice,
They crafted golden carriages.
And had
crown-shaped biscuits to ice.

Bugingham Palace was a tourist spot –
A plush home for royal bees
And bugs and critters, just waiting for some ‘furnishings’
– the residents to please!

A clattering could be heard from ‘Tin Can Alley’
As balls were hurled at Royal heads,
And as the ‘family’ lay strewn across the grass
You’d be forgiven if you thought you heard – ‘Off with their heads!”

There was colouring and quizzes and castle craft too,
Glitter and sparkles to adorn memory stones
As a lovely reminder of this wonderful day,
And a chance to make some amazing bird thrones!

It was a right old Royal Knees-Up,
a community event,
A joyful, happy celebration,
And the weather…was heaven-sent!!!