Cocktail of the Day

Mixology: the art of mixing ingredients.

Certain cocktails are classic for a reason: they’ve been around for a long time!  You can’t go wrong with some recipes.

Take a familiar and welcoming venue, and add a splash of warmth. Combine with gracious guests and fine friends.  Add a generous handful of chatter and laughter, shaking vigorously to mix well.  Complete with another dash or two of pleasure and enjoyment.  Set aside for a minute, and garnish with fellowship before serving this show-stopping cocktail named ‘The Parish Lunch’, with a flourish!


Eat your food with Gladness


Drink your wine

With a joyful heart.”

(Ecclesiastes 9:7)

A Spring lunch get-together for the parishioners of St. James’ was certainly a diary date not to be missed.

Blue skies and bright sunshine, following seemingly endless rainy days, provided a welcome backdrop for a lovely occasion.

Staff at the Seven Stars Public House next to the church, welcomed the guests and freshly-cooked, tasty meals were served with a smile.  Animated chatter and the clink of glasses were clear indications that a good time was being had by all.


Judging by the clean, empty plates at the end of the afternoon, the hot buffet menu and delicious desserts had been much enjoyed.


The verdict? Seven stars for the Seven Stars!