Meals in the Bible

Have you ever felt ‘hangry’?  If so, you can totally understand how the Israelites felt in the Book of Exodus (Chapter 16)!

‘Manna in the Wilderness’ is a well-known Bible story and it formed the main focus of the first Stay and Play Service of the autumn series.

The people in the desert were hungry and grumbling.  They talked to God about it.  He sent them a type of bread (manna) that came down at night like rain.  That wasn’t good enough for the Israelites, they grumbled about wanting some meat.  God listened, and sent them little birds to eat – quails.  The people grumbled even more because they were thirsty, so Moses hit a stone with his stick and water came gushing out.

Little ones, with a bit of help from bigger ones, made some fabulous desert scenes and quails using rice and hoops and then they sat around them, being showered with bubbles, popcorn and pompoms at various stages of the story, experiencing what it feels like to be showered with gifts from God.  How very exciting!

The next Stay and Play Service is 17th September, 9:30am at St. Oswald’s Church Hall Preesall…it’s just too good to be missed!