Doubting Thomas

The Saturday Stay and Play service, for youngsters and their families, continued the theme of ‘people who met the risen Jesus’.

The group reflected on the use of nicknames and shared their own experiences of using them and being called by them.  This discussion prompted a closer study of one of the disciples, famously nicknamed ‘Doubting Thomas,’ for his reluctance to accept that Jesus was indeed alive and amongst His friends.  Thomas became the focal point for the rest of the service.

The transformation in Thomas’ emotions, from sad (because he could not believe that Jesus was alive) to ecstatic (when he realized that Jesus was back with his friends) was tracked alongside the account in the Bible.

The children were encouraged to think about how Thomas held the hands of Jesus and made their own hearts, reflecting the special love Jesus had for his friend.  In addition, door hangers were crafted with words we imagine were spoken by Thomas, “Jesus, you are my friend”, as a visual reminder of how Jesus appeared to his friends in the Upper Room, even though the door was closed.

The fact that Jesus was a special friend of Thomas and that He is our friend too, was reiterated throughout the session, helping to reinforce this key message.


As always, the service followed the familiar and successful pattern of action songs, crafting, music and quiet time.

The Summer Stay and Play programme will continue at St. Oswald’s Preesall on the following dates:

DATE                          SUBJECT

18th May                   Peter ‘Feed my Sheep’

1st June                      Pentecost

15th June                   Acts 2:38-39 Baptism

29th June                   Acts 2:42-47 Communion – as the family meal, what it means to be a worshipping community.

There will be no sessions in July due to the local Galas.
But we will have an Over Wyre Benefice children’s float at the Galas and need help with this!

ALL are welcome to bring little ones to this church service with a difference. Breakfast and Toys at 9:30, ready for a 10:00 start.