“Oh no I didn’t!”

“Oh yes you did!”

Does this sound like a pantomime?  Well, it was actually part of the regular Saturday Stay and Play church service for little ones and their families, hosted in Preesall, St. Oswald’s church hall!

The story of Samuel, a man called to listen to God, was narrated to the youngsters.  Team Samuel and Team Eli had to listen very carefully.  Each time they heard the words, “You called me!”, Team Eli shouted, “Oh no I didn’t!” and Team Samuel replied with a robust, “Oh yes you did!”  The little ones certainly had to be alert and listening; it was such fun!

As always, crafting featured throughout the session to support the key messages of calling and being called.  Headdresses with enormous ears were made, in addition to plastic cup telephones, in readiness for that ‘all-important’ conversation!  Story reminders of Samuel’s response to God were created by the youngsters, which showed Samuel sleeping, but once the slider is pulled, Samuel awakes and is ready to listen to God.  By designing, creating and doing, the young ones were keenly aware of the importance of listening skills.

A candle was lit and an action prayer shared:

Let’s put a hand on our heart.

Father God, Fill us with your love.

Let’s point to our eyes.

Lord Jesus, help us to see you.

Let’s point to our ears.

Holy Spirit, help us to hear you.


Some cheeky puppets were used to lead the singing of ‘When God called out to Samuel’.  The children (and their grown-ups) joined in enthusiastically.


The Spring Stay and Play programme will continue with the theme of people listening to God and being called by God at Preesall, St. Oswald’s on the following dates:

20th JanuaryJoseph
3rd FebruaryElijah
17th FebruaryEsther
2nd MarchNathaniel
16th MarchMary Magdalene

ALL are welcome to bring little ones to this church service with a difference.  Breakfast and Toys at 9:30, ready for a 10:00 start.