They came in great numbers, armed with buckets and mops,

They rolled up the sleeves of their working tops,

They split into teams, to tackle the tasks,

Climbing up ladders, (without being asked).

Washing and scrubbing every cupboard and pew,

Sweeping and mopping with vigour anew,

Cleaning the windows, and vacuuming floors,

‘Twas a hive of activity with energy galore.

Cleansing and rinsing, nothing was missed,

Motoring onwards and upwards, ticking jobs off that list.

Sprucing up woodwork and brightening glass,

A gleaming interior soon came to pass.

So thanks to the team, who gave up their time,

Who made the church glitter, dazzle and shine.

St. James’ looks sparkling, after the biggest spring clean,

Teamwork made the dream work – you can see what we mean!