Sub-zero temperatures outside were instantly forgotten the moment Pilling Jubilee Silver Band struck the first few notes in St. James’ Church.

The Children’s Christmas Concert, freely given and hugely appreciated by the little ones and their accompanying adults, was most certainly the best place to be on such a cold December afternoon.  The blues were instantly banished and the rich sounds of the glittering brass instruments seemed to radiate a most welcome warmth.

Once the children were all equipped with sleigh bells, tambourines, shakers and even a didgeridoo, they were invited up to the front to accompany the band.  Rousing, popular tunes like: The Reindeer Express, Sleigh Bells, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and of course Jingle Bells, generated an energetic response from the budding percussionists. 

Such rousing compositions were interspersed with equally familiar, but gentler pieces such as Little Donkey, The Snowman and Away in a Manger.  It was a superb Christmas mix!

Youngster participation reached a peak of excitement, when a more youthful conductor was invited to take over the reins.  TJ happily stepped forward, took up the baton, studied the score and proceeded to lead the band through their next rendition with great gusto and enthusiasm.

Hot drinks and Christmas biscuits were served at the end of the most wonderful concert after which many happy families braved the icy conditions again and returned home.