Christian Aid Week: 12th – 18th May 2024

Bunting, buckets, envelopes and a special wall display, could only mean one thing – Christian Aid Week had begun at St. James’.

The core values of Christian Aid are love, dignity, equality and justice.  It was around these values that the All-Age service focused, kick starting the week.

Pam and Sara led the worship, and with the help of Oscar, the resident puppet, the story of the sheep and the goats was told.

In addition, a brief biography of Aline from Burundi was shared, illustrating her daily struggle in the face of poverty and abuse.  By participating in a transformative, three-day community workshop, funded by Christian Aid, Aline made steps towards positive change.  She said, “I came out with amazing knowledge and skills.  The trainer restored a sense of hope and energy in me.”

Throughout this dedicated week, donations made to Christian Aid will help to directly fund projects designed to lift people out of poverty and help them fulfil their ambitions and secure lasting change, as exemplified by Aline.

During the service, the youngsters crafted some colourful ‘Love in Action’ plates and the congregation was invited to build a ‘Prayer Wall’, brick by brick, with individual prayers of love.

There was plenty of food for thought!

A great BIG ‘wind-up’ Amen completed the worship.

Next stop: Envelopes!

A trusty team of volunteers distributed Christian Aid envelopes throughout the village, with the request to fill them with a cash donation and return them to the buckets at the back of church in the days ahead.

The tag line, ‘Push back against the inhumanity of poverty’ was very much in evidence on the distinctive red and white envelopes.

Parishioners from St. James’, dutifully returned their envelopes at the next event: Strawberry Teas!


S is for:

Super Saturday



Sensational Sweet Treats

…and when all these ingredients were mixed together, the outcome was a very successful Strawberry Teas!

Friends and families, villagers and parishioners, joined together to sit in the sunny gardens of St. James’ church, and indulge in some scrumptious home-baked cakes and bowls of perfectly ripened, rich, aromatic strawberries.

Gingham tablecloths, fresh flowers and waiter service, with teas and coffees, helped generate a stylish, but relaxed atmosphere for all attendees, before they got down to the serious business of the day – of deciding which delicious treat to enjoy FIRST!

Forget the exorbitant high street coffee shop prices…an affordable pricing system was in operation at St. James, with 100% profit, going directly to Christian Aid.  The sweet treats not only tasted good, but they did some good. Win win!

A local newspaper cutting was on display during the afternoon.  With the headline: ‘Teatime’s berry nice,’ the report described a Strawberry Teas event from 1991, when the church was fundraising for a building project.  Pictured, were Margaret Clegg, Dyllis Dickinson, Rev. Terry Middleditch and Rose Clegg, all carrying trays of plants for sale.  The cutting prompted some happy reminiscences of those days, from more than thirty years ago!

There were smiles all round, by the cake stall and outside in the sun-drenched gardens as people tucked in to a super Saturday sweet treat.  A safe play area for the little ones, ensured they too, had a wonderful afternoon.  

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Morrisons Cleveleys, for their kind donation of some punnets of strawberries and teabags for this event. Every little kindness, helps support this worthwhile cause.

We hope, that when all the counting is done, from the envelopes and the Strawberry Teas, a generous donation will be sent to Christian Aid.

We will keep you posted on the total.  Check our website again soon!