Fr. Peter’s first address to the whole Benefice as the newly appointed Parish Priest, was passionate and inspirational.  He opened the service, hosted by Hambleton, Blessed Virgin Mary, with the words, “I have longed to share this Eucharist with you.”

Speaking to all age groups from the six churches, Fr. Peter quickly zoomed in on a phrase from St. John’s gospel, “We wish to see Jesus”, urging his audience to adopt this same mission in our own lives.

The challenge was set, but the question remained – how do we do this?  A series of examples followed:

  • Through our hospitality, our welcome, our outreach…
  • Through our buildings, our grounds, our noticeboards…
  • Through our congregations, the love and care we give to one another and by celebrating our diverse and unique styles of worship…
  • Through our leadership teams and the pioneering ministry of Rev. Naomi…

Fr. Peter spoke with great conviction, highlighting how our collective mission is the most important thing in the world – to help all to see Jesus and fill Heaven!

Choirs from across the Benefice sang in unity, parishioners shared Holy Communion together and little ones from various churches played happily with each other.  “We are in the business of love” proclaimed Fr. Peter.

A man on a mission?

Six churches on a mission?

Every single one of us on a mission?

Our watchword is: “WE WISH TO SEE JESUS”.

This, is ‘Mission Possible’!