Watch this space!
  • Platinum Prom News: 15th May
    • Only 18 days to go until the Platinum Prom!  Make sure you save the date in your diary, buy a ticket and plan your outfit!
    • Tickets will be on sale as you exit church over the next few weeks at the bargain price of £1.00.  We will be encouraging donations towards refreshment costs at the event.
    • If you have any Royal memorabilia you would like to be included in our special display that evening, Sandra is the nominated person to hand it to.  Item(s) will be labelled, logged and locked away for security until the day of the event and then returned safely afterwards.
    • ALL children are invited and encouraged to join in the mini Coronation procession at the start of the Prom.
      See Gill/Louise for details.
    • Please be creative and complete your bunting flag (given out last Sunday 8th May) ASAP.  It will be used to decorate the church for the Prom (ideas are on the website under the ‘St James’ Life’ tab). If you didn’t receive a flag, or you would love to do more than one, there are some spare ones at the back of church.

8th May: Appeal for Royal Memorabilia!

 The plans for the Platinum Prom are gathering pace!  We hope you have saved the date in your diary.  
 Just in case you haven’t, here are the ‘need to know’ details again…

DATE:            Thursday 2nd June

TIME:             6:30 for 7:00 p.m. start

VENUE:         St. James’ Church

DRESS CODE: Finest attire, from ANY DECADE

As part of the evening, we are planning a special Platinum Jubilee Display in church, focussing on Royal memorabilia.  We are hoping that you will have some interesting items you may like to be on display, for all to see and enjoy.

You may have kept some souvenir editions of magazines or newspapers marking royal weddings or special occasions…you may have some commemorative mugs/tins/ you’d like us to see…you may have an invitation you were sent to a royal garden party, or a reply from one of the royal palaces…

If you have any items at all you would like to be included in the display, then Sandra Bourne will be the named person to give your memorabilia to.  She will log the item and lock it safely in the vestry until the Prom, and ensure that it is safely returned to you afterwards.

Please dig deep and see what you can find.

Thank you.

    • 1 May: Thursday June 2nd, (6.30 for 7.00 p.m. start) we will be hosting our Platinum Prom.


      • Thank you to those who have returned their Personal Memory sheet for inclusion in the evening.  There is still time to submit one, if you have not already done so.

          • ALL children are invited to accompany the mini Queen.

        See Gill/Louise for details.

          • Coming soon (8th May) – an appeal for Platinum Prom bunting flags and any Royal memorabilia.  Time to get creative again!

Ideas for Decorating Bunting Flags for the Platinum Prom

We are planning to decorate the Church for the Platinum Prom in a similar way to the celebrations we held last year for St. James’ Day,
using ‘home made’ bunting flags.

You will be given a plain flag on Sunday 8th May and asked to decorate it. Here are some ideas to help inspire you! Please don’t be restricted by these suggestions!

  1. Choose a ROYAL theme.  The Royal Family are often in daily newspapers and magazines, so you could cut out some pictures and glue them on the flag.
  2. You could select some photographs or images linked to a specific DECADE of the Queen’s reign.
  3. Choose a COLOUR theme. Red, white and blue (reminiscent of the Union Flag) or purple (official colour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee). Cut out any images in these colours.
  4. Use your flag to WRITE an OUTSTANDING MEMORY on from one of the past seven decades.
  5. Choose a decade from the last 70 years and research KEY HISTORIC EVENTS. Print out some images and text…or draw and write!
  6. Create a WEDDING FLAG using some images and words which help link your wedding to a specific decade. You could include a description of your dress/suit, the number of bridesmaids you had and what they wore, the flowers you chose for your bouquet, the food you ate at your wedding reception, honeymoon destination, transport, gifts you were given etc…
  7. Decorate the flag with pictures of CARS you have owned through the decades, showing how they have changed over time in design, colour, upholstery and gadgets.
  8. Cover the bunting flag with the UNION FLAG – there are lots of flags on sale now (ready for street parties and Jubilee gatherings), plus other red/white/blue merchandise such as paper napkins!
  9. Write a POEM or a PRAYER on the flag for the Platinum Jubilee.
  10. Write a LETTER to Queen Elizabeth on the flag.
  11. Use your flag to put together something on FASHION – either from a particular decade or fashion through the decades of the Queen’s reign.
  12. MUSIC could be an inspiration for you – lyrics and images from a specific artist linked to a particular decade, or a list of your favourite songs through some/all of the seven decades.