Celebrating all those who ‘mother’ us and care for us in any capacity, was the central message throughout the All-Age service on Sunday, 10th March.

Pam, Elaine and Sara led the proceedings and it was certainly action-packed!

The little ones gathered round at the front of the church to participate in the readings, performing actions alongside them, before moving on to help Sara uncover all the hidden treasure inside her ‘trusty bag’, packed for an adventurous day out.  One by one, items such as snacks, snacks, snacks, wet wipes, plasters, more snacks, books, an umbrella and guess what…even more snacks were pulled out!  It appeared that the bag contained everything needed by parents and carers to ensure a wonderful, family day out!  Comparisons were made with the parents who took their children to meet Jesus for the first time, and how they must have similarly prepared for the adventure.

It’s not often you are actively encouraged to write on a tablecloth…but this was, after all, a very special occasion!  The congregation were all invited to inscribe a cloth with the names of those ‘mothers’ we no longer see but who have supported, cared for and inspired us with their love in the past.  Additionally, heart-shaped tags were lovingly crafted and hung from the branches of a twinkly tree, displaying the names of those who support our journey through life by ‘mothering’ us.

Finally, bunches of spring daffodils were distributed to everyone in church by the youngsters, which prompted broad smiles all round as they were joyfully received.

Pam shared a photograph and letter from a twelve-year old girl in San Pedro, Paraguay.  Her education is supported by St. James’ church and is another example of ‘mothering’, albeit at a distance.  The congregation were pleased to hear some news about her.

At the end of the service, there was a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to mark a three-year old’s big day!

The following prayer closed the Mothering Sunday service at St. James’:

May God, who gave birth
to all creation, bless us.

May God, who was born to an
earthly mother Mary, bless us.

May God, who loves us as a
loves her children, bless us.

May Almighty God bless us,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and evermore.



Long after the ‘Mothering Sunday’ gifts have been unwrapped, cards have been read, and the treats eaten, the ‘mothering’ in our church and across our Benefice, will continue.