Sleeting rain and near freezing temperatures outside did nothing to dampen the spirits of the excited guests entering St. James’ church for a Pamper Evening.  A warm welcome awaited the ladies as they crossed the threshold. Fairy lights, scented candles, and a table laden with nibbles and sparkling glasses soon to be filled, generated an ambient atmosphere.

The office was transformed into a treatment room, complete with a massage bed and therapy chair.  Beauty products, fluffy towels and bowls of warm water were strategically placed close by for use during mini facials and neck and shoulder massages.

Ceri and Ann worked hard throughout the evening, providing welcome opportunities for some enhancing treatments to the face and upper body.  Both were well subscribed and the guests benefitted from their professional expertise.

Simultaneously, Dyllis and Gill facilitated hand and foot soaks.  Scrubs and massages followed, finishing with a generous application of moisturizing potions which left the skin feeling rejuvenated and hydrated.  The recipients of such luxury expressed their deep appreciation.

Drinks and nibbles kept the ladies refreshed as they chatted in a relaxed, soothing atmosphere following a busy day of childcare.  By making time for a bit of self-care, and indulging in some nourishing treats for the body, the guests soon felt fabulous both inside and out!

A successful evening?  Most definitely!