Paws for thought!

There were shepherds and shelties,

Labs and some doodles,

Fluffies and softies

And gorgeous black poodles.


Had Crufts come to Stalmine?

A magnificent array –

Of canine companions

And their humans today.


St. James’ Pet Service,

Was just such good fun!

There were yaps, barks and smiles…

And even some sun!

All creatures great and small came through the church gates to participate in the much-anticipated Pet Service at St. James’ Stalmine.

The beloved four-legged companions were extremely well-behaved, sitting patiently through prayer and praise. Some were keen to join in the singing, most were happy to ‘paws’ for thought and all had ‘tails’ to tell!

Elaine and Pam led the service, supported by three youngsters, keen to share their animal jokes.

Why did the whale spit out the clown?

Because he had a funny taste!

Each pet was awarded their own rosette, for the ‘best in church’ category. Regular attenders, like Alfie, who has rarely missed a weekly service in six years, was keen to lead the way. Dog-collars have rarely looked so stylish!

The dogs looked bemused when their humans participated in an action song. They attempted to make sense of such unfamiliar movements. Hands were being raised without a ball in sight, arms were stretched wide, but there was no visible stick and there were some fingers pointing heavenwards. Had their two-legged ‘parent’ finally gone barking mad?

All in all, it was ‘paw’sibly, the best Pet Service yet!

Dog-tired? You bet!