Royal Waves?

All of these could only mean one thing!

Queen Esther was in the spotlight for the Saturday Stay and Play service.

Esther was a royal lady of great courage and compassion.  A woman who, when she saw the hardships experienced by her own people for believing in God, demonstrated her strength by challenging the policies of her husband, King Xerxes.  Esther spoke up bravely for the oppressed and by doing so, helped to change the lives of her God-loving subjects for the better.

The youngsters loved getting into the spirit of all things royal by playing ‘King Xerxes Says…’ (a spinoff of ‘Simon Says…’), crafting crowns and sceptres, perfecting curtseys and royal waves, participating in a contest for Kings and Queens, in addition to building Royal Palaces out of junk.  They had fun creating ‘courage’ keyrings with a photo of themselves and a Bible verse as a reminder that God is always close by, especially when bravery is needed!

It wasn’t all action-packed though!  There was also a quiet time, when children and adults all came together to listen to the story of Esther, reflect on her actions and respectfully join in the worship.

By using the character of Queen Esther as a model, the importance of courage, bravery and empathy shone through the service.  Once again, the children learned about a person who listened to God and was called to action.

The Spring Stay and Play programme will continue at Preesall, St Oswald on the following dates:

2nd March                 Paul

16th March               Mary Magdalene