Exploring Elijah’s Story


Caves?  Storms?  Earthquakes and fires?  How dramatic!

The story of Elijah encompassed all these elements and continued this term’s theme of bible characters who have been called by God.

Little ones and their families gathered at St. John’s church hall, Pilling for the Stay and Play service.  Once breakfast and a runaround in the soft play area were over, it was down to business…in a cave!

Fearful and seeking refuge, Elijah hid in a cave.  God sent a ferocious wind.  Was God in the wind?  No!  Next, God sent an earthquake.  Was God there? No!  This was followed by a fire.  Was God in the fire?  No!  Finally, there was a whisper.  That was God!

The crafting activities reflected the various elements of Elijah’s story.  The children built Playdoh caves, made some wind-chimes, and played hide and seek.  Such fun!  As they gathered together, a whisper was sent around the room and the whisper told each individual that God loves them.

The overall message, was that when we are scared, we can whisper to God and he will always hear us.

The Spring Stay and Play programme will continue with the theme of people listening to God and being called by God at Preesall, St. Oswald on the following dates:

DATE                          SUBJECT

17th February          Esther

2nd March                 Nathaniel

16th March               Mary Magdalene                    

ALL are welcome to bring little ones to this church service with a difference.  Breakfast and Toys at 9:30, ready for a 10:00 start.