On a rather cool, breezy, mid-summer morning in July, the Over Wyre churches came together to celebrate Holy Communion at
St. John the Evangelist’s church, Out Rawcliffe.

The pews quickly filled up, the choir gathered by the organ and Fr. Peter processed up the aisle, ready to warmly welcome familiar faces from across the Benefice.  He spoke of his excitement and deep joy at seeing so many people from all the different churches, worshipping together in one place.

Following the reading of some parables from Matthew’s Gospel (13: 31-33 & 44-52), Fr. Peter engaged the congregation with the ever popular children’s story of Mr. Topsy Turvy by Roger Hargreaves.  He reminded his listeners how everything about this wacky character is upside down, back to front or inside out, much like the teachings of Jesus and his heavenly kingdom.

Our challenge, said Fr. Peter, is to accept the invitation into this topsy turvy world, where Jesus subverts the usual and accepted norms, and offers us a refreshingly new way of life.

Fellowship was shared at the end of the service alongside brews and biscuits, courtesy of the host church.